Avoid Undue Argument

Avoid undue Argument

Scene 1 In front of a house Exterior Evening

            A Lady dashes from her house into the street shouting for help. A man rushes after her cursing her.  The lady plummets and fall. The man catches up with her; he was still cursing and calling her unprintable names. He lands her several hot punches and slaps as neighbors came to her rescue.


(Still cursing and staggering under the influence of alcohol) Foolish woman! Shameless woman you must tell me where you’re coming from.

First Neighbor:

 (Pleading) Please Sir, take it easy. Please control your temper before you kill the poor woman.


 (Still threatening) I will kill you today; you shameless prostitute.

            Ernest slaps and kicks the poor woman. Then a young guy challenged him from the crowd.


 (Punches Ernest as he challenges him to a man to man fight) Fight me if you can.

            He pushes him away from beating the poor woman.


 (Staggering under the punch) I can see one of your numerous lovers coming to your defense. Wife snatcher! You’re the one sleeping with my wife.

Keto :

 Go ahead and fight me if you’re a man enough.

Ernest :

 Get the hell out of here. You’re a shameless and worthless wife snatcher. God punish you and your…… gen……er….a…ti..on

            Before Ernest could finish cursing, Keto lifted his arm to deal him a sucker punch. But Olivia pushes him away. She staggers to protect her helpless husband.


(Shouting) Please! Don’t kill me husband. I still love him….Please don’t kill him I have no other.

            Everyone was shocked with Olivia’s sudden defense of her wife battering husband. Suddenly, the crowd gradually started dispersing in silence. Keto was left in shock. He couldn’t believe the woman he was trying to defend; could still love the same man that hurts her.

Keto :

 (Walks away remorsefully) You can never tell about women.


(Taps Keto) Guy, you will never understand women until you get married. And until you do; learn to avoid getting into undue argument. Don't buy into other peoples problem; unless you wanna get your fingers burnt.

Cut out

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"Avoid Undue Argument 2"

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