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Have you been overwhelmed? What do you do when you are overwhelmed? Do you know that those worship songs we sing to the Lord when we are overwhelmed are very precious to the Lord?

Those unrehearsed worship songs that flow from the depth of our heart to the lips every morning. Sometimes we sing in the cool of the night. And at other times we sing when we are overcome by insurmountable problems that seem to weigh us down.

Stop asking God for the best because you are the best. God is not giving you the best rather he is making you to be the best. God is not giving you the best because you’re the best. What else can you add to the best? Can you add any letter or word after the full stop? You are nothing but the best. You are the perfection of the lord; created in the express image of God.

Do you think I’m afraid of jazz? No way. I’m not afraid of jazz no matter how fetish it looks. Are you afraid of Jazz? Let’s see this video.

There are three looks that hinders a man from fulfilling his destiny, creativity, talent or aspirations. These three looks are very important and must be resisted; if you wish to achieve something in life. The Lord is about to open our eyes to these three common looks that look harmless; but in reality they have hindered so many people from getting to their manifestation.

Watch Pastor Igbojionu Chika as he identify the three important looks which the Lord told Prophet Jeremiah to be weary of.

Every popular actor, actress and even great politicians and icons the world ever celebrated were once hiding. They were all discovered by a stroke of luck. I once heard Mike Ozuruonye narrating how he ventured into acting. The story is the same.

“I was driving my Dad’s to the filling station when two young men accousted me. They told me that the car they were filming with suddenly developed a fault.

“Can we use your car for the shooting?”


Know for sure that whatsoever you are hiding will soon hide you. A popular drug jingo would say, “If you hide your sickness; your sickness will hide you”. It will not only hide you. It will also lead you to embarrassment, frustration and ridicule.

“A man’s gift maketh room (way) for him, and brings him honor before (Kings) and great men” Proverb 18: 16

You need to pursue your God given dream, talent, vision and aspiration. It does not matter how far your mate seem to have gone ahead of you. If you dare to pursue your dreams, desires, vision talents, gifts, aspiration and calling; you will definitely overtake them. People who seem to be ahead of you will be surprised to see you overtake them. They would be surprised to see you where they least expected in Jesus Name, amen.