Avoid Undue Argument

Avoid undue Argument

Scene 1 In front of a house Exterior Evening

            A Lady dashes from her house into the street shouting for help. A man rushes after her cursing her.  The lady plummets and fall. The man catches up with her; he was still cursing and calling her unprintable names. He lands her several hot punches and slaps as neighbors came to her rescue.


Unlock The Threatre


Unlock The National Theatre

Oh Lord, help me to unlock the National Theatre Iganmu, Lagos in Jesus name, amen. I can’t remember when last a play was held at the National Theatre. I can’t remember when last people entered into the National Theatre to watch a play, dance or concert. When last did you hear, read or see a television advert or promo of an event holding at the National Theatre.

Oh no! The National Threatre has been under locks and keys.