Unlock The Threatre


Unlock The National Theatre

Oh Lord, help me to unlock the National Theatre Iganmu, Lagos in Jesus name, amen. I can’t remember when last a play was held at the National Theatre. I can’t remember when last people entered into the National Theatre to watch a play, dance or concert. When last did you hear, read or see a television advert or promo of an event holding at the National Theatre.

Oh no! The National Threatre has been under locks and keys.

A lady took pains to take her five lovely kids to the National Theatre on Independence Day. Only God knew how long they would have traveled to get to the National Theatre.

Lo and behold! The Theatre was under locks. Her children could only see the beautiful monument…. But they never had the rare privilege to watch a play, drama, dance or concert. What a pity….. What a shame…. What a National calamity.

Oh Lord, help me to unlock the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos. Oh Lord, please touch the heart of whatsoever or whosoever that is holding the keys to release it to me come Sunday November 26th 2017.

“Avoid Undue Argument” can still make The National Theatre come alive again……. We can still help it recover its wasted years. We can still help the Theatre recover its lost glory….. We can still help our children to see and benefit from the rich cultural heritage being padlock inside the National Theatre, Iganmu.

“Unlock The Theatre” project can still give our young ones the opportunity to see what that magnificent edifice looks like. We can still give them the opportunity to use it and become the next creative artist… talents…… models…… and entertainers their generation could celebrate.

Oh Lord, help me……. Help SCGoldfish production…… help every well meaning Nigerian…. to unlock the National Theatre. Oh Lord, give us the keys to the National Theatre. Oh Lord, please give us the grace to make it thrive once again in Jesus Name, amen.

Join scgoldfishtv.com as we present “Unlock The Theatre” with a play


“Avoid Undue Argument” 

Date: Sunday 26th November, 2017

Venue: The Little Theatre, Artist Village, National Theatre Annex Iganmu, Lagos.

Time: Red Carpet starts 2: 30PM                    Main Event: 3:00PM

We promise to make it memorable day. The National Theatre, Iganmu will never remain the same as we rock, jeer and celebrate a dawn of a new era in entertainment.

Thanks for unlocking the National Theatre with us. And don’t forget to keep it a date. Entry is free. Please visit: www.scgoldfishtv.com for your seat reservation. We have a limited seat reservation.